Do these 4 things to reduce the habit of sticking to the phone throughout the day at the time of the lockdown


Smartphone addiction can not only be dangerous for your eyes, but it is harmful to your overall health.

Smartphone addiction can cause your eyesight to become weak, eye pain, headache, and insomnia. Although in today’s time everyone from children to adults are using smartphones more than ever, but the use of smartphones has increased more in the days of lockdown. At a time when all of you are at home and getting bored, you keep scrolling your phone screen. Some people are making smartphones etc. due to games on the phone, others due to chatting or watching movies and series. But whatever the reason, smartphone addiction can make you sick. Too much use of mobile phones is associated with many health problems. So here we are telling you some easy ways to break smartphone addiction here.
How to reduce smartphone addiction?
1. Turn off notifications

As soon as you get the notification, you start teasing the phone, even without wanting the notification, it forces you to look at the phone. Because many people have a habit of checking their phones as soon as they get a new notification. This allows you to spend more time on your phone. Turn off your notifications for some applications and check the phone in an interval.
2. Try to create something new in the kitchen

3. Keep yourself busy

Often, when you are free, you spend more time on your time. But if you try to keep yourself busy, your phone viewing addiction will also be less. You can be productive by staying at your home and keep yourself busy in some good work. Like making some decoration items from waste material or any other work.
4. Put the phone in silent or flight mode

Whenever you think of sleeping or resting, it is not that you start checking your phone. Put the phone on silent or flight mode while sleeping or at rest and keep it on the side. It is necessary to do this for better sleep, it will also help you to use the phone at night. In addition, it will reduce your phone addiction and protect you from the harmful effects of too much use of mobile phones.


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