It is important to be vigilant to prevent coronavirus, know how to check body temperature at home



Caution to health is the only protection during corona virus. Here we are telling you the right way to measure body temperature at home.

The corona virus epidemic is spreading like wildfire, which is killing one person after another. As the number of corona virus cases continues to rise in the country, the number of deaths from viruses is also increasing. Some people who are prone to corona are showing very mild symptoms of the virus, which requires that you protect yourself at home with precautions in quarantine. In such a situation, you keep checking your body temperature at least 2-3 days interval. To help you avoid the situation, let us know here how to measure your body temperature.
Get the test done when the body temperature is 100.5 degrees

It has always been said that the normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (a heat measuring instrument). However, studies suggest that your body’s normal temperature should actually be slightly lower than 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit. But everyone’s body temperature also varies according to the weight, height and other factors of another person. So, if you see a proper fever reading a thermometer of 100.5 degrees F or higher, get it checked immediately.

Take care of time

Some people may not wake up on time with fever. Typically, there is a time between 4 to 9 pm, when most fever reaches its peak. So, if you are measuring your temperature twice a day, then measure one of them between 4-9 evenings. In addition, measuring your temperature at the same time every day will also help you check for any fluctuations.
Check with medical thermometer

If you are measuring your body temperature, you need a simple medical thermometer or a digital temperature device. No need to spend more money to buy a scanning device, you can easily check your body temperature with the help of a medical thermometer. Also, remember that when you ginch your body with a thermometer, you sanitize a thermometer properly.
Take other fever symptoms into consideration as well

A thermometer is the most accurate way to tell if you have a fever. However, there are other symptoms besides our body temperature, which indicate whether you have fever or not. For example, sudden chills and sweating and body aches and eye pain are the two most important symptoms of fever. This will significantly help you to alert and protect yourself from getting infected by the virus.


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