These 6 habits can harm your kidney, change them today


The kidney is a filter of the human body that works by filtering the blood before sending it to the heart.

Kidneys also prevent waste from going through the urine into the body. The kidneys filter waste materials and toxins from the body and help them pass as urine. Maintaining proper kidney health is very important to keep the urination process constant. There are some habits that can affect the health of your kidneys. You may not be aware of them but some daily habits can leave harmful effects on your kidneys which can worsen your health in many ways.

This will lead to the accumulation of waste material and toxins in the body. Read on to learn about habits that may harm your kidneys and their functioning in some way.
Excessive use of painkillers

Even though pen killers give you immediate relief from pain, they can severely affect kidney functioning. Regular use of painkillers can also cause severe kidney damage. Pain relievers reduce the renal blood flow that impedes their functioning.
Not drinking enough water

Drinking more water is the best way to get toxins out of your body. Proper water intake ensures the smooth functioning of the kidney. Reduced intake of water can also cause kidney stones.
alcohol abuse

Alcohol is harmful to the body in many ways, it also affects your kidneys. This doubles the risk of chronic kidney disease. Consuming too much alcohol is a habit of kidney-damaging as it increases stress on the kidney as it contains toxins.

Prolonged sitting is associated with the development of kidney diseases. You should not sit for long periods of time to avoid any possible kidney disease. If you have a sit-in routine, make a walking routine after regular intervals.
Excess salt and sugar intake

Eating too much sugar or salt is both harmful to your kidneys. Salt can increase your blood pressure which troubles the kidneys. This will also cause an excess amount of sodium in the body which will make it harder for the kidneys to get rid of it.
lack of sleep

Proper sleep is essential to maintain overall health. Your sleep and waking routine control your kidney function. Kidney tissue renews while you are sleeping. Insufficient sleep can impair kidney function. You should make sure that you sleep at least 6-8 hours to maintain your kidney health as well as your overall health.


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