Wearing a face masks for a long time Its May cause many skin problems

skin problems
skin problems

People are currently locked in homes to guard against the coronavirus. People who are leaving the house for important tasks, they are leaving wearing a face mask. Some people have started having skin problems due to wearing face masks for a long time. Some of these problems are due to persistent perspiration due to wearing face masks and facial rubbing from masks, while some problems can also be caused by mask clothes. In the same context in the Journal of Wound Care, there are some simple ways by which skin problems caused by frequent face masks can be cured.

Skin problems with face masks?

People who sweat too much, if they keep masks on their faces for a long time, then their skin leaves more sweat. In such a situation, a person may have a bacterial infection due to excessive sweating. Apart from this, some people may also have other problems like rashes, itching, dryness, pimples, dermatitis due to the face mask cloth.

According to experts, after wearing a face mask, the temperature of the skin around the mouth increases during breathing, which brings moisture to the upper layer of the skin and provides the right environment for the bacteria to grow. This is why many types of skin infections can occur due to wearing masks for a long time. Men who have long and thick beards are more at risk of this.
N95 face masks can also cause problems

The N95 face mask is usually made of polypropylene, a fabric that is not weaved. The N95 surgical disposed usually has 4 layers. The inner layer of these, which comes in direct contact with the mouth, is also made of polypropylene. Of all the types of plastic, polypropylene is considered to be safe for the skin. But in some cases, they can cause problems for the skin.
How to keep skin safe while wearing a mask?

If the skin is well moisturized before wearing the mask, the problems mentioned above can be avoided. Therefore, if you are going to wear a face mask for a long time, then apply oil-based moisturizer on your face first. This locks the skin moisture and stops the skin pores due to oil, which reduces the formation of sebum. This will at least reduce the chances of getting pimples.

Apart from this, the way to avoid bacterial infection is to follow social distancing instead of wearing a face mask for a long time. If you are forced to wear a mask, then you should change your mask in 6-8 hours and keep sweating your mouth.

Choose a moisturizer like this

To avoid itching on the skin, you can use a moisturizer that contains ceramides, squalene, niacinamide or hyaluronic acid. These elements will protect bacteria from germination.


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