Eating 3-6 eggs a week can be beneficial for the heart, study revealed


New research has found that consuming 3 to 6 eggs per week reduces the risk of heart disease. Know here how?

There is no doubt that eating eggs is good for our health and it helps in giving strength to the body. This is why fitness freaks include eggs in their workout diet to increase their muscle strength and keep themselves fit. Usually, we all know some big and small benefits of eggs, but recently found that eggs can also reduce the risk of diseases related to your heart.

A study by Xia and his colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences’ Fuwai Hospital suggests that there was a U-shaped relationship between egg intake and the risk of death from heart diseases in Chinese and 3-6 eggs per week The risk of heart disease and death was lower among those taking it.
What does the research say?

Research specifically reported that consuming more than 1 egg a week was associated with a 22 percent greater risk for cardiovascular disease and a 29 percent greater risk for death. Researchers reported that egg consumption seemed to have different effects among subtypes of cardiovascular disease. Individuals with high egg consumption had a higher risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and ischemic stroke, while a higher risk of demographic stroke was found only in those with less consumption.

On the other hand, previous Chinese evidence from a China Kadoori Biobank (CKB) study indicated that minimal intake of eggs (about 5 eggs per week) was associated with a reduced risk of CVD, which was never or abrupt intake (approximately 2 eggs) was less than
However, the lack of participants with more than 1 egg consumption per day limited them to assessing the effect of higher egg consumption. In the Prediction for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk (China-PAR) project in China, approximately 25 percent of participants consume 3–6 eggs per week, and 1 percent per week and less than 10 percent per week. Was 12 percent and 24 percent. On the benefits of widespread egg consumption, the present study firstly demonstrated the potential adverse effects of too much egg intake among the Chinese population.

The most recent American and Chinese dietary guidelines have caused a significant backlash by removing limits on dietary cholesterol. Both the American Heart Association and the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association later issued scientific reports and insisted that “free cholesterol should not be given a free pass in order to consume unlimited amounts of dietary cholesterol.”


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