COVID 19: How to reuse N-95, surgical mask or homemade mask, learn the complete method of use

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It is important to take care of certain things while using the mask. How long should the mask be used and are they eligible for reuse.

Guidelines for the use of masks are changing with increasing cases of coronavirus in the country and the world. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has now suggested that people use non-medical masks and cloth face coverings when leaving for public places. This will help prevent coronavirus from spreading. Preventing the virus without spreading symptoms is proving to be a major challenge for governments around the world. It is up to you to follow these guidelines, but the CDC also recommends those people who do not have any symptoms of the virus or do not feel ill. According to the CDC, people should cover the mouth with a cloth while going out. The CDC recommends that you can use a scarf or any clothes whenever you go out to pick up groceries or essential items.
It is important to take care of certain things while using the mask. These masks are important but people do not know how long they should be used and whether they are eligible for reuse. Are there any harmful effects of reusing N-95 masks, surgical masks or homemade masks and can they be reused. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use them again. So let’s know how you can use them again.
How to use N-95 mask again

Usually the N-95 mask should be interchanged while using. You should stop using it when there is moisture in your mask. During the spread of infectious respiratory disease, the supply of medical masks is quite limited. Therefore, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has given specific guidelines for reuse of N-95 masks such as

According to the CDC, a person should not reuse N-95 masks when they have met patients. The person is advised to change the mask after meeting every patient. other than this

Make a habit of placing your mask in a clean place or paper bag.
If you have more than one mask, all of them should be kept separate from each other so that they do not touch each other. The mask you want to wear must be clearly identified.
Check the guidelines given by the manufacturer (if available) for safe reuse of the mask.
In many studies and research, it has been suggested that if the manufacturer does not provide any guidelines, do not use a mask more than five times.
Stop wearing the mask if it is dirty, damaged or cannot breathe properly.
Do not touch the mask inside as it will contaminate it, making it unfit for use.

Tips to increase the use of N-95 masks

To increase the use of the mask, ensure that the size of the mask is correct and is working properly.
Avoid touching the mask repeatedly.
Several studies have indicated that N-95 masks can be used continuously for up to 8 hours.
Stop using contaminated and damaged masks immediately.

How to use surgical mask again

It is important to note that a surgical mask or N-95 mask should only be used by one person. These masks should not be shared as they can spread the disease. The World Health Organization advises not to reuse once used masks and under normal circumstances, once used surgical masks should be disposed of. However, given the lack of surgical masks and N-95 masks globally, the guidelines for reuse of surgical masks are similar to those of N-95 masks.

If your mask becomes damp, contaminated or damaged, replace the mask.
Place the mask in anything that looks like a paper bag, is clean, dry and ventilated.
Do not touch inside the mask at all costs as this will contaminate the mask.
Wash your hands thoroughly before and after placing the mask for reuse.
Remember, there is no way to estimate the number of safe uses of a particular mask.

Tips for using homemade clothes

Ordinary fabric coverings and masks can be reused when washed regularly between uses. According to the CDC, washing machines can help to wash clothes masks properly. When you remove your mask, keep it in a cool, dry place. In addition, the mask must be completely dry after washing before washing.


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