how to eat? Celebrity nutritionist Rijuta Divekar is answering many such questions related to diet


Bollywood celebs’ favorite nutritionist and Rijuta Divekar is telling you what to eat, how much to eat and how to eat.

We all want us to stay fit and always healthy. For this, some of us exercise but some people follow dieting. Your food is most important in keeping you fit. But most of us remain confused about what we should eat and how much we should eat. Often we feel that it would have been good if an expert could answer these questions. So good news for you that Rituta Divekar, a nutritionist who has worked as a fitness and nutrition expert for Kareena Kapoor and all Bollywood celebs, has answered many important questions related to your diet and diet. So let’s know how to eat and how much to eat.

Riju explains that you do not burn too many calories during quarantine, so you should adopt a special way of eating, so that you eat according to your body’s needs, not too much. For this, Rijuta mentions the way of the mantle meal plan. In this Mental Meal Plan, Riguta mentions 3S, let us tell you what it is.

Silence – Eat with peace. That is, if you are eating while watching TV or doing some work, do not do it. Rather always eat food in peace and do not do any work during that time.
Senses – Use all your senses. That is, you should use all the senses of eyes, nose, ears, skin, and tongue while eating. This fills the stomach quickly.
Sit down and eat food. You should always eat food in the right way and in peace. Eating and standing or eating on the go are not good.

How should you eat?

Riju tells that you do not eat food excessively, for this you should adopt a special method. As Rijuta said, we are telling you in detail.

Take half of your hunger – if you are hungry for 2 roti, then you should take only 1 roti first. Eat this bread very slowly and chew it with pleasure and spend twice as much time than usual. Even after this, if you are hungry, then take half of the remaining 1 roti, half of the roti and eat it while chewing it slowly. When this too ends, even if hunger is saved, you should eat half of the leftover bread with the same diet.
What are the benefits of eating like this?

When we eat food, our brain gets a hint of filling after a few minutes. Rijuta says that because of eating food quickly, we eat more food than our hunger. Therefore, eating food in this way sends a signal to your brain after eating enough food, so that you do not eat much.
How much food should you eat?

After how to eat, you have to know how much to eat. So in response to this question, Rijuta says that you should divide your food plate into 3 parts. Think of it this way-

50% coarse grains – Half of your food should be full of coarse grains. Such as- Roti, Paratha, Rice (made from wheat, barley, maize, millet, jowar, etc.).
35% Vegetable, Pulses or Chicken- If you are a vegetarian, then you should keep 35% of your food plate full of lentils or vegetables. It includes cooked vegetables, pulses, chicken, curry, etc.

15% Salad, Papad, Pickle – You should put salad pickle and papad, ie, side eats in 15% of your plate.

In this way, you have to keep this proposal in your food plate every day, so that your food remains balanced and you get all the nutrients.

What to eat

Now the most important question is what you should eat. For this, Rijuta has prepared a special 7-day meal plan and workout plan, which he has put on Instagram. You can decide the food of your day only by looking at this meal plan.


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