Immunity booster supplements can harm rather than protect against corona virus, know the right way to protect

Immunity booster supplements
Immunity booster supplements

The use of immunity-enhancing prescriptions and pills to avoid the corona virus is useless, know why doctors are saying this and the right way to foster.


Immunity booster supplements
Immunity booster supplements

Every day you get to know and understand something new about the Coronavirus. Actually this virus is new, so doctors and scientists have not yet fully understood this virus. You must have also heard that people who have strong immunity are not at risk from the corona virus. This has led to a flood of immunity boosters and prescriptions in the market.

Be it allopathy, Ayurveda, home remedies or homeopathy, everyone has given ways to increase immunity through their own method. But doctors now say that immunity boost supplements cannot protect you from the corona virus. That is, if you are taking any medicine, capsule, powder or syrup to increase immunity, then it is absolutely useless and will not protect you.

The immune system is complex

Infectious Disease Specialist of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Juan Antonio Dumois says that if you want to understand how your immunity will get boosted, then first you should understand how immunity works.

Our immunity keeps infections and infections under control. White blood cells (white blood cells) help the system in this process. These white blood cells are made in our bone marrow. These cells are of many types and apart from protecting the body, different types of white blood cells play their role in many functions of the body. There are some of these cells, which act as alarms. Whenever a dangerous virus, bacteria or unwanted element enters the body from outside, these cells give information to the immune system, so that they can start the work of preventing and harming it. Some of these cells start making antibodies to fight this virus or bacteria and some cells are so capable that they directly fight the bacteria and kill it.

Supplements can worsen the patient’s condition

Even if we think that we have eaten any vitamin or mineral tablet, what harm will it do to the body? But Dr. Dumois says that our immune system is very complex. In severe cases of Kovid-19, Corona virus, a tremendous attack of the immune system can cause a person’s lungs to become completely damaged (Lungs Damage).

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the immune response to Kovid-19 ie new corona virus is not yet understood. Even scientists do not know how this virus actually works. All we know is that the virus spreads rapidly. Therefore, without research and information, the consumption of any supplement is fine, as long as you are not caught by the virus, but after that, no one knows what it is going to do with your body.

People should not consider supplements as medicine

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), no supplement can be claimed to be used as a medicine to cure, prevent, or prevent disease. The FDA states that these supplements can be used as “support” and that too only after doctor’s advice.

How then will immunity become stronger?

According to the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Bone Marrow replaces the amino acids you eat in food to produce white blood cells. You can get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for your body by eating a balanced diet daily.

What is the right way to protect against the corona virus?

Dr. So far according to research, medical knowledge and situation, Dumois say that there is only and only one way to avoid the corona virus and that is social distancing, that is, to stay away from people who are sick or infected. Apart from this, scientists do not know anything special right now.


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