Coronavirus Prevention: Vegetables and fruits from outside are also at risk of virus, take these precautions

Coronavirus Prevention
Coronavirus Prevention

coronavirus prevention The number of people infected with this virus daily is increasing rapidly, but also the number of people who die.

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Coronavirus Prevention: The coronavirus epidemic has taken a macabre form. Every day not only the number of infected people but also the number of people dying from this virus is increasing rapidly. Especially in countries like America, Italy, and Spain, this virus has caused great destruction. Where the number of infected people in America has reached 2.5 lakhs. In Italy and Spain, the number of infected people has exceeded one lakh. While the number of infected people in India has increased to two and a half thousand.

In view of this, there is a situation of lockdown in many countries of the world including India. People are locked in their homes. However, they still have to go out for food and drink. Viruses can come home with these foods. If you are also bringing fruits and vegetables from the market, then you need to take special care of these things.

As we all know that the World Health Organization and the Department of Health have advised taking necessary precautions by issuing several advisories to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. These include regular washing of hands, wearing masks, keeping social distancing maintenance.

In addition, it is advised not to touch any unknown object. If you touch such an object, wash your hands thoroughly with hand wash.

Along with this, whenever you bring food and beverages like fruits, vegetables, and milk, do not wash it with any chemicals, rather wash it with clean water. Experts say that there is no danger of eating food with corona, but whenever you bring something from outside, you must wash it with clean water. After that wash your hands thoroughly with hand wash.

– Many people do this by first cutting the fruits and vegetables, then washing them. Do not do this at all. Wash fruits and vegetables before cutting. Then cut and use it.

If you bring a milk bag, wash it well. Cut or tear it with a sharp thing. Do not use your teeth at all.

These days, consume peeled fruits and vegetables at least. Doing this is beneficial for health.


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